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Hose Inspection Awareness

This one day course is aimed at giving candidates a better knowledge and understanding of Industry best practice as published in the Energy Institute “Guidelines for the Management of Flexible Hose assemblies”. It also gives delegates practice in visually inspecting, identifying and recording a FHA.

Course Details:

Hose Inspection Course Overview

  • Hose Construction
  • Component Parts
  • Rubber & Thermoplastic
  • Types of Reinforcement

Overview of EI “ Guidelines for the Management of Flexible Hose Assemblies”

  • Lifecycle Model & Performance
  • Design
  • Risk Analysis

Supply, Installation & Commissioning of FHA’s

  • Information supplied with FHA’s
  • Installation Requirements
  • Cleanliness & Testing of FHA’s

Maintenance, Inspection and Replacement of FHA’s

  • FHA Register
  • Frequency of Inspection
  • Inspection
  • What to look for
  • When to condemn
  • Replacement Strategy
  • Change of Use & Decommissioning

FHA Connectors

  • Thread Characteristics
  • Thread Functions, Forms & Sealing Methods
  • Tapered
  • Parallel
  • Autoclave

Practical FHA identification activity

Parker Autoclave Small Bore Expert Safety Training

Parker Autoclave Small Bore Expert Safety Training

This Parker Autoclave SBEx accredited Full day training programme has been developed to meet the needs of Technicians and Personnel involved in the manufacture, installation and use of Autoclave Coned and Threaded Product.

Course details:

What are MP / HP SBT Systems

  • Product History
  • Industry drivers
  • Typical Applications

Autoclave Tubing

  • Standards
  • Pressure Range
  • Preparation

Cone & Thread Connections

  • Principle of Medium Pressure Connection
  • Principle of High Pressure Connection
  • Principle of Sour Service Connection
  • Manual Coning and Threading Process

Cone and Thread Components

  • Standard Components
  • Valves  
  • Adapters & Accessories
  • Fitting of Tube & Components

Safety At Work

Assessment Activities

  • Knowledge Test
  • Practical Coning & Threading and Assembly Activity

Option 1:

Related Parker Autoclave Products

  • Speed Bite
  • QSS

Option 2:

Forming connections with Coning and Threading machine

Parker A-LOK Small Bore Expert Safety Training

Parker Small Bore Expert Safety Training Offshore

Parker A Lok SBEx accredited training programme has been developed to meet the specific needs of Offshore Personnel involved in the use of small bore tubing assemblies. On successful completion delegates will be able to demonstrate that they have gained the appropriate skills, knowledge & ability to assemble and disassemble a Parker A Lok Twin Ferrule Fitting.

Course details:

Twin Ferrule Compression Fittings

  • Correct make up of fittings using different methods.
  • Fitting disassembly & reassembly
  • Common installation problems
  • How to identify fittings
  • Installation of port connectors, plugs & caps

Tube versus Pipe

  • Definition of tube & pipe
  • Advantages of tube
  • Tube selection
  • Good & Bad tube storage

Tube Preparation

  • Correct handling of tube
  • Tools and how they should be used for preparing tube

Associated Threads

  • Main Characteristics of common tube end terminations
  • How to correctly tighten adjustable elbows
  • Safety at Work Assessment

BFPA Accredited Foundation Course in Working Safely with Hydraulic Hose & Connectors

This BFPA accredited and certified course is aimed at personnel who are involved in manufacturing and installation of Hydraulic Hose Assemblies and Connectors. This course consists of classroom-training period, followed by a practical session on the manufacture of a range of hose assemblies and pressure testing procedures. The Assembly Procedures used form part of our In-House Training Programme and the course is in accordance with the British Fluid Power Association. Learning Objectives During this 1 day course the following elements are covered so that on completion of the course the candidates have received a good basic grounding to enable them to work safely with hydraulic hoses and associated connectors.

BFPA Accredited Hose Assembly Skills Training Programme

This is a two day course and is carried out in both a classroom environment for the theoretical element and shop floor environment for practical element. The training programme is designed to bring the attendee up to a sound level of appreciation to enable them to development into a quality hydraulic hose technician. The Hydraulic Hose Assembly Skills training course also includes an assessment of the candidates skills and understanding.

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