Covid-19 awareness

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Covid-19 awareness notice

At Rigworld Training Center, we are committed to your health and safety, the health and safety of your personnel when they are under our care and of course the health and safety of all visitors to our facilities which includes our staff. This is at all times our priority and will remain so beyond the current COVID-19 global event.

Our business is built on keeping people safe and equipping them with the appropriate skills to remain safe in their day-to-day activities. While we are in the midst of this coronavirus outbreak it is important that we reassure you that we are taking all necessary and possible precautions in order to our delegates and personnel safe.

We are in daily contact with authorities and taking active measures to revise and adjust our precautions as and when the authorities identify this is required. We are sharing information across our business units to ensure that we all have received and are acting on the most up-to-date information.

Entering our facilities:

  • All staff, customers and visitors also comply with the below requirements for entry, failure to comply means no entry:
  • No display of coronavirus-like symptoms.
  • No known exposure to persons suspected to be infected with or infected with COVID-19.
  • No travel to or from any prohibited locations as per guidelines of the authorities.
  • In our facilities:
  • All health authority hygiene precautions and advice are being followed.
  • Temperature monitoring of all staff and delegates is in place
  • Antibacterial hand wash widely available.
  • Handwashing / Hygiene signage and reminders are in place.
  • Frequent delegate and employee communications occur at all locations.

Thank you we look forward to continuing to support your training requirements.

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