Course Overview:
This course is designed to train delegates in the correct methods of managing and controlling lifting equipment which is used to conduct a variety of operations. Delegates will be trained in the correct inspection of equipment in accordance with legislative, manufacturers and company requirements. The course also discusses management procedures in maintaining sufficient and valid records, the correct procedure to follow in the event of equipment being deemed unsafe for use and the correct reporting procedures. The course is a mix of theoretical and practical session, during which delegates will be required to demonstrate their level of knowledge and understanding of the training programme content.
Course Content:
Following completion of this course, delegates will be:
• Aware of the Hierarchy of Legislation including British and International Standards
• Informed of the Legislative requirements relevant to the organization and management of lifting equipment and accessories
• Required to record and complete inspections of a variety of equipment and accessories including Cargo Carrying Units (CCUs)
• Knowledgeable of the storage requirements of lifting equipment and accessories including the impact that poor storage can have on their integrity
• Aware of the inspection requirements at pre-use, post-use and annual intervals
• Aware of the function of an effective rigging loft and colour coding procedures
• Familiar with the roles and responsibilities of those involved in managing lifting equipment and accessories
• Conversant with the term “thorough examination”
• Aware of the documentation and records to be maintained
• Aware of quarantine and disposal procedures
The course is recommended to be revalidated every 2 years.

March 10


– 14:55

(6h 55′)


Ronnie Lee

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